Thursday, May 16, 2013

MOPS Cardboard Testimonies

This year we had our Tea & Testimony in April and decided to have some Cardboard Testimonies as a sort of introduction for our Steering Team Member who felt lead to share her testimony.

If you have never heard of either one of these concepts... Let me shed some light on these subjects.

In our MOPS group we try to have at least one Tea & Testimony. I idea behind it is to have our ladies come dressed up {wearing tiaras, feather boas, fancy hats, etc.}. We have each table bring a tea set to decorate their table with, we place packets of assorted teas around the tables, and we buy enough flowers from the garden center of Wal-Mart {to be used as the sweet smelling centerpieces}to raffle off at the end.

***I am going to apologize in advance for the "photography" {or lack thereof}, the lighting in our 
meeting room is less than stellar! These are as good as they get in there! :) ***

Looked a lot cuter in person! ;)

We wanted to "Plunge in and be transparent", so we decided this year that it would be good for all of the Steering Team and our DGL's {and even some of our moms volunteered!} to share a short testimony of something that was painful or difficult in our lives on one side and then on the reverse side tell how God has changed that in us. It was pretty powerful... because some of our moms were tearing up while reading them.

This is the only one that I got where both sides were visible... :) 
We had many, many more! But you get the idea, right?

We are lucky that we have two video prompter and sound system at our disposal... and I use them throughly!I played Jason Gray's "I Am New" during this. I created these to put up on the screen while we walked across at showed our testimonies.

We handed out surveys at our last meeting and this meeting was one of the favorites! This year has been hard but it was full of love and friendship. I am so glad that God pushed me to step out of my comfort zone this year and become the coordinator of our Manna MOPS group... I have grown by leaps and bounds! I would like to thank my fellow ST members for serving alongside of me this year, without you all none of this would have been possible! 

I also made some images that you can use or edit to your liking... just click on the image and then right-click to save the image! :)


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