Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Scripture Cookies

I saw something really cute on Pinerest from a lady who was making them for her Young Women's group... She had made Scripture Cookie recipe cards to give to all the girls. I was so excited about the idea! I started to look up all the scriptures she had listed and look for the ingredients, only half way through, I realized that some of them were from book that I had never heard of... I finally figured out it was because she had made a LDS (version

I really wanted to make some for our MOPS group and some to give to my Girl Scout troop, so I decided to make my own version...

Here are the free printables that I created...

The Front 

The Back

I just changed the settings when printing to print 4 images per page and then reloaded the paper to do the same for the back page.

Hope you enjoy these as much as we did! 

*** Update*** 

A lot of ladies were wondering where the original LDS version that was my inspiration... It is Marci Coombs blog! She was a YW (Young Women) leader and has tons of cute ideas! Go check her out! 

Mother's Day Free Printables

I was looking for last minute ideas for gifts for all the mothers in my life and came up empty handed. So, I created some printables for you to quickly print out and give as gifts! 

My mom used to sing this song to me when I was little and she continued the tradition when my daughter was born. I think that she is going to LOVE having this print hanging up as a constant reminded of how much she is loved!

I created this one for my mother-in-law... I really love this saying! 

They are yours for the taking. Do with them what you please... I plan to Mod Podge them to canvas and send them off for Mother's Day!