Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Valentine-A-Day...

I was inspired by The Dating Divas to show some L-O-V-E to my husband this year! So, I went on the hunt at the store for brands that I could put a fun little pun on! I am going to apologize in advance about the quality of my photos... I took most of them in the evening (right before he got home) and the lighting is not very good in our house at night!

Day 1
His favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake, so I thought that these would be perfect for him. 
You can use my "funny puns" or make up your own...

Day 2
He LOVES Sweetarts and these chewy ones were perfect for my message!

Day 3
You have to look very closely in this picture for the box of Whoppers behind the GIANT heart doilies that I had on hand... hehe

Day 4
Ok, I didn't get a picture of this one (I know, I am a slacker) but I put a SoBe Fuji Apple Pear drink in the seat of his Jeep and attached a heart to it that said: 
You are the "apple" of my eye... "SoBe" my Valentine forever?

Day 5
He made a comment about all the sweets so I decided to do a salty one... 

Day 6

I thought that this one was cute! 

Confession... I took pictures of the next one but I have decided to tell you the brand name and leave somethings to the imagination... ;)

Day 7

I got his favorite flavor of "LAYS" potato chips... Do with that what you will!

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